Tree felling & stump removal

treefellingright Tree felling & stump removal

Trees occasionally need to be removed completely, often because they have outgrown their position or perhaps because they have become diseased or dangerous.

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Tree stumps can be left to be made into a feature of the garden, or they can be removed completely so that the area can be covered with turf, gravel or other landscaping material as required.

John Talbot Tree Surgery offers a full tree and stump removal service:

  • Tree felling: our staff carry out all kinds of tree removal, from overgrown conifers outside the kitchen window, to complete dismantles of large mature trees
  • Stump grinding: after felling, a machine can be used to reduce the stump to woodchip. The entire stump can be ground out to a depth of around 20cm. Stump grinding usually does not involve removing the tree roots, however the hole left by the stump can be filled and covered with soil, turf or other material such that no-one would know that a tree was once there
  • Wood chopping: wood is a valuable resource and many customers who have wood-burning stoves or open fires wish to make use of the wood from trees that have been removed from their gardens. We are happy to cut and chop wood to your requirements, either on or off site as required